Identification 90

Identification 89

Jacques Lacan
雅克 拉康

14.3.62 XIII 159

(17) This dimension of loss essential to metonymy, the loss of
the thing in the object, is the true sense of this thematic of
the object qua lost and never refound, the same one which is at
the basis of the Freudian discourse and is ceaselessly repeated.


One further step, if we push metonymy further, as you know, it is
the loss of something essential in the image, in this metonymy,
which is called the ego, at this point of the birth of desire, at
this point of pallor at which St Augustin pauses before the
infant at the breast as Freud did before his grandson eighteen
centuries later. It is false to say that the being of which I am
jealous, the brother, is my fellow (semblable): he is my image in
the sense that the image involved is the founding image of my
desire. Here is the imaginary revelation, and it is the meaning
and the function of frustration. All of this is already known.
I am only recalling it as the second source of the experience.
After real privation, imaginary frustration.


But, just as I
tried today to situate for you the use of real privation at the
term which interests us, namely in the founding of the symbolic,
in the same way, we have to see here how this fundamental
revelatory image of desire is going to be placed in the symbolic.


This placing is difficult. It would of course be quite
impossible if the symbolic were not there, if – as I have
reminded you, always hammered out for a long enough time for this
to have got into your head – if the Other and the discourse in
which the subject has to place himself were not always waiting
for him before his birth and that he is spoken to, at least
(18) through the mediation of his mother, of his nurse.


The mainspring involved, the one which is both the abc, the infancy
of our experience, but which for some time people do not know how
to go beyond for want precisely of knowing how to formalise it as
abc, is the following, namely the intersection, the naive
exchange which is produced somewhere in the dimension of the
Other between desire and demand.



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