精神病 357

精神病 357

How else can we explain that a man is able to understand something, what
is called understanding, of the simplest formulation to be inscribed in language,
the most elementary utterance – Thafs it [c*est cela]? For a man, this
expression nevertheless has an explanatory sense. He has seen something,
anything, which is there, and thafs it. Whatever the thing is he is in the
presence of, whether it be a question of the most unusual, the most bizarre,
or even the most ambiguous, thafs it. It is now located somewhere other than
where it was beforehand, which was nowhere, now it’s – thafs it.


I would for a moment like deliberately to take a phenomenon that is exemplary
because it’s the most inconsistent of that which can present itself to
man – the meteor.7


By definition the meteor is that [cela], it’s real and at the same time it’s
illusory. It would be quite wrong to say that it’s imaginary. The rainbow,
thafs it. You say that the rainbow is that, and then you search. People racked
their brains for some time until M. Descartes came along and completely
reduced the whole affair. There is a region that becomes iridized in little
drops of water in suspension, etc. Fine. And so what? There is the ray on
one side and the condensed drops on the other. That’s it. It was only an
appearance – that’s it.


Notice that the question is not at all settled. A ray of light is, as you know,
a wave or a corpuscle and a little drop of water is a curious thing, since
ultimately it’s not really in gaseous form, it’s condensation which is falling in
a liquid state, but in a suspended fall, between the two, in the state of an
expansive pool, as water.


When we say, then, Thafs it, we imply that that’s all it is, or that that’s
not what it is, namely, the appearance that we had stopped at. But this proves
to us that everything that has subsequently emerged, the thafs all it is as well
as the thafs not what it is, was already implied in the thafs it at the beginning.
A rainbow is a phenomenon that has no kind of imaginary interest, you
will have never seen an animal pay one any attention, and as a matter of fact
man pays no attention to an incredible number of related manifestations.


Various iridizations are exceedingly widespread in nature and, gifts of observation
or some special research aside, nobody pauses at them. If on the contrary
rainbows exist, it’s precisely in relation to the thafs it. That’s why we
have named them rainbows and why when one speaks of them to someone
who hasn’t yet seen one there is a point at which one says to him – Thafs
what a rainbow is. And this thafs what it is presupposes the implication that
we are going to carry on until we have run out of breath, to discover what
lies hidden behind it, what its cause is, to which we shall be able to reduce
it. Notice that what has characterized the rainbow and the meteor from the
beginning – and everybody knows this since this is why it’s called a meteor
– is precisely that nothing is hidden behind it. It exists entirely in this appearance.



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