精神病 352

精神病 352b

We must remark that despite certain weaknesses in his argument, which
are due to the use of terms that only have their place in the imaginary dialectic
of narcissism, the virile object is the essential element at play in the con-
flict. It alone enables us to make sense of and to understand the different
stages of the delusion’s evolution, its phases, and its final construction. Furthermore,
we may note in passing all sorts of subtleties that have not been
developed or completely explored. Freud shows us for example that projection
alone cannot explain delusion, that it is not a matter of a mirror image
of the subject’s feeling, but that it is indispensable to determine stages in it
and, at a certain moment as it were, a loss of the tendency, which ages.


Over the course of the year I have greatly insisted upon the fact that what has been
repressed within reappears without, re-emerges in the background – and not
in a simple structure but in a position that is, as it were, internal, which
makes the subject himself, who in the present case happens to be the agent
of persecution, ambiguous, problematic. He is initially only the representative
of another subject who not only permits but undoubtedly acts, in the
final analysis. In short, the otherness of the other is spread out. It’s one of
the problems to which as a matter of fact Freud does lead us, but he stops

过去一年来,我曾经强烈坚持这个事实: 在内部被潜抑的东西,会从外部重新出现,在背景重新出现。不是以简单的结构,而是以一个所谓的内部的立场。这个立场让主体他自己模糊暧昧,及问题重重。因为在目前的情况,主体他自己恰恰是迫害的代理者。他最初仅是代表另外一个主体。追根究底,这另外一个主体不但包容,而且无可置疑地行动。总之,他者的这个他性被扩展开来。这是其中一个难题,事实上是弗洛依德引导我们到达的难题,但是他停在那里。

Ida Macalpine, after others, but in a much more coherent way than others,
objects that nothing permits us to think that this delusion presupposes the
genital maturity, if I may call it that, that would explain the fear of castration.
The homosexual tendency is far from manifesting itself as primary. What we
see from the start are symptoms, initially hypochondriacal, which are psychotic


At the outset one finds this particular something which is at the heart of
the psychotic relation, such as the psychosomatic phenomena that this clinician
has especially worked on, and which certainly for her are the means of
access to the phenomenology of this case. It is here that she might have directly
apprehended phenomena that are structured quite differently from what takes
place in the neuroses, namely, where there is some sort of direct imprint or
inscription of a characteristic and even, in certain cases, of a conflict upon
what may be called the material picture that the subject presents as a corpo-
real being. A symptom such as a facial eruption, which can be variously
characterized dermatologically, will be mobilized in response to a given anniversary
for example, directly, without any intermediary, without any dialectic,
without any interpretation’s being able to indicate any correspondence
with anything from the subject’s past.



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