精神病 269

精神病 269
As a matter of fact, nobody was taken in by it. Psychoanalysis does in fact
manifest something of the positive spirit of science qua explanatory. Psychoanalysis
is as far removed as is possible from any form of intuitionism. It has
nothing to do with this hasty, short-circuited understanding that so simplifies
and limits its significance. To put it back into its proper perspective, one
only has to open Freud’s work and see-the place that a particular dimension,
which has never been really emphasized, has there. The value of this for
opposing the current evolution of analysis can now be recognized, named,
and orientated towards a real reform of analytic studies.


I shall light my lantern and I’ll tell you what this is in a way that attempts
to be both rapid and striking.


Open The Interpretation of Dreams, You will find nothing there resembling
this graphology of children’s drawings that has ended up becoming the paradigm
of analytic interpretation, none of these ascending and descending
manifestations of the waking dream. If there is anything this resembles, it’s
deciphering. And the dimension in question is that of the signifier. Take any
of Freud’s dreams and you will see that a word, such as Autodidasker, predominates.


6 This is a neologism. From here we get Lasker, plus a number of
other memories. The very form of the word is absolutely essential where
interpretation is concerned. An initial interpretation, an orientation or a
dichotomy, will direct us towards Lassalle. Here one discovers Alex, Freud’s
brother, through the intermediary of another, purely phonetic and verbal
transformation. Freud finds in his recollection a novel by Zola in which a
character by the name of Sandoz appears. In the way Freud reconstructs it,
Zola constructed Sandoz out of Aloz, the anonym of his name, by replacing
Aloz the beginning of Alexander, by the third syllable sand. Thus, just as it
was possible to make Sandoz from Zola, so Alex is included in the Lasker that
Freud dreamed as the last part of the word Autodidasker.

这是一个新杜撰的字。从这里,我们得到Lasker这个字。外加许多其他的记忆。就梦的解析而言,这个字的形式绝对是必要的。最初的解析,一种定向,或一种二分法,将会引导我们朝向Lassalle。在此,我们发现亚力克,他是弗洛依德的弟弟,经由另外一个字的中介,纯粹是语音与文词的转换。弗洛依德在他的回忆里找到一本左拉写的小说。在这部小说里,一位名叫桑豆兹Sandoz的人物出现。以弗洛依德建构它的方式,左拉用他的名字的笔名 Aloz这个字,来建构桑豆兹Sandoz。他用第三音节sand,来取代Aloz,作为Alexander这个字的开始。因此,正如有可能用左拉Zola这个人,来建构桑豆兹Sandoz,阿力克Alex这个字也被包含在拉斯科Lasker这个字里。弗洛依德梦见这个Lasker,作为Autodidasker这个字的最后部分。

I’m telling you what Freud did. I’m telling you how his method proceeds.
And, as a matter of fact, one only has to open any page of the book, The
Traumdeutung, to find an equivalent. I could have taken any other dream, the
one for example where he speaks of jokes that have been made on his name,
or the one that features a swimming bladder.7 You will always find a sequence
of homonyms or metonyms, of onomastic constructions that are absolutely
essential to an understanding of the dream and without which it dissipates,

我正在告诉你们弗洛依的做些什么。我正在告诉你们他的方法如何进行。事实上,我们只要打开「梦的解析」这本书的任何一页, 我们就会找到一个相等语。我还可以拿任何其它一个梦为例,譬如,在一个梦里,他谈论到人家对他的名字所开的玩笑。或是以一个正在游泳的胆囊作为特色的笑话。你们总是会发现一系列的同音异词或是换喻,一系列的专有名词的建构。它们是必要的,为了理解这个梦。假如没有它们,梦会散开消失。


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