翻出拉康在论文集Ecrit的「阳具的意义」The Significance of the Phallus,(p 281)

But one may, simply by reference to the function of the phallus, indicate the structures that will govern the relations between the sexes.
Let us say that these relations will turn around a “to be” and “ to have”, which by referring to a signifier, the phallus, have the opposed effect, on the one hand, of giving reality to the subject in this signifier, and , on the other , of derealizing the relations to be signified.


伊底帕斯情结的作用,也是性别获取所由的途径,小孩发现「母亲的欲望是阳具」之后,小孩将依据「作阳具」(being the phallus)和「有阳具」(having the phallus)的区别,来发展他或她的性别的关系位置。拉冈说两性之间的关系,「将环绕在「作」与「有」这个概念上,它们都指指涉一个能指,阳具,却又相反的效果。一个是在这个能指上给予主体一个实在(reality),另一个是使这个关系「虚化」(derealizing)以被意指。



最大的差异是,唐荷将on the one hand、、、on the other hand(在一方面、、、在另一方面)误解成为「一个」、、、「另外一个」,过度解读成为下文的「一个」是男孩,「另一个」是女孩。

拉康所要的说的是人作为一个阳具的能指the signifier,虽然具有现实界,却仅是客体,所指(to be signified)才是主体所在,却因此而丧失现实界derealizing,成为是缺席absence 或欠缺lack。


This is brought about by the intervention of a “to seem” that replaces the “ to have” in order protect it on the one side, and to mask its lack in the other, and which has the effect of projecting in their entirety the ideal or typical manifestations of the behavior of each sex, including the art of copulation itself , into comedy.


These ideals take on new vigour from the demand that they are capable of satisfying, which is always a demand for love, with its complement of the reduction of desire to demand.


Paradoxical as this formulation may seem, I am saying that it is in order to be the phallus, that is to say, the signifier of the desire of the Other, that a woman will reject an essential part of femininity, namely, all her attributes in the masquerade. It is for that which she is not that she wishes to be desired as well as loved. But she finds the signifier of her own desire the body of him to whom she addresses her demand for love.


Perhaps it should not be forgotten that the organ that assumes this signifying function takes on the value of a fetish. But the result for the woman remains that an experience of love, which, as such (cf, above), deprives her ideally of that which the object gives, and a desire which finds its signifier in this object, converge on the same object. That is way one can observe that a lack in the satisfaction proper to sexual need, in other words, frigidity, Is relatively well tolerated in woman, whereas the Verdrangung (repression ) inherent in desire is less present in women than in men.


In the case of men, on the other hand, the dialectic of demand and desire engenders the effects –and one must once more admire the sureness with which Freud situated them at the precise articulations on which they depended—a specific depreciation of love.


If, in effect, the man finds satisfaction for his demand for love in the relation with the woman, in as much as the signifier of the phallus constitutes her as giving in love what she does not have—conversely, his own desire for the phallus will make its signifier emerge in its persistent divergence towards ‘another woman; who may signify this phallus in various ways, either as a virgin or as a prostitute. These results from this a centrifugal tendency of the genital drive in love life, which makes impotence much more difficult to bear for him, which the Verdrangung inherent in desire is more important.


Yet it should not be thought that the sort of infidelity that would appear to be constitutive of the male function is proper to it. For if one looks more closely, the same redoubling is to be found in the woman, except that the Other of Love as such, that is to say, in so far as he is deprived of what he gives, finds it difficult to see himself in the retreat in which he is substituted for the being of the man whose attributes she cherishes.


One might add here that male homosexuality, in accordance with phallic mark that constitutes desire is constituted on the side of desire, while female homosexuality, on the other hand, as observation shows, is orientated on a disappointment that reinforces the side of the demand for love. These remarks should really be examined in greater detail, from the point of view of a return to the function of the mask in so far as it dominates the identification in which refusals of demand are resolved.


The fact that femininity finds its refuge in this mask, by virtue of the fact of the Verdrangung inherent in the phallic mark of desire, has the curious consequence of making virile display in the human being itself seem feminine.


Correlatively, one can glimpse the reason for a characteristic that had never before been elucidated, and which shows once again the depth of Freud’s intuition: namely, why he advances the view that there is only one libido, his text showing that he conceives it as masculine in nature. The function of the phallic signifier touches here on its most profound relations: that in which the Ancients embodied the Nov, and the Aoyos。


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