弗洛伊德的技术性著作 p215 雅克、拉康 Jacques Lacan XVII The object relation and the intersubjective relation 客体关系与互为主体间性 BALINT AND FERENCZI 巴林特跟费伦奇 THE SATISFACTION OF NEED 需要的满足 THE MAP OF TENDERNESS 温柔的地图 INTERSUBJECTIVITY IN THE PERVERSIONS 倒错的互为主体间性 SARTRIAN ANALYSIS 萨特的精神分析 So let us look at this conception which we call Balint’s, which is, in fact, linked to a very specific tradition, which may be said to be Hungarian in so far as it has been, quite incidentally, dominated by the personality of Ferenczi. Certainly we will have to broach, in many little anecdotal ways, the relations between Freud and Ferenczi. It is all rather diverting. 所以,让我们观看我们所谓的巴林特的这个观念。事实上,它跟一个非常明确的传统息息相关。这个明确的传统可以说是匈牙利的传统,因为它相当偶然地,受到费伦奇的人格的支配。的确,我们将必须提出讨论,用许多小轶事的方式,处于弗洛伊德与费伦奇之间。那是相当有趣的。 Ferenczi was to some extent considered, up to 1930, to be the enfant terrible of psychoanalysis. In relation to the analytic group in general, he remained a free-wheeler. His way of raising questions showed no concern for couching itself in a manner which was, at that time, already orthodox. Hence, on a number of occasions, he raised questions which can be classified under the rubric active psychoanalysis – and, having said this, which seems so crucial, we think we have understood something. 直到1930年,费伦奇有相当程度被认为是精神分析的「可怕顽童」。跟一般的精神分析团体的关系,他始终是一个独行侠。他提出问题的方式,跟当时已经是正统的说明方式,有任何的相关。因此,在好几个场合,他提出的问题能够被归类为「积极精神分析学」的这个架构下。当我们说完似乎如此严重的话后,我们认为我已经了解某件事情。 Ferenczi started by asking himself what role, at any given moment of the analysis, the analyst’s initiative, in the first instance, and later on, the analyst’s being, should play. One has to see under what terms any intervention is made, before qualifying it as active. For example, yesterday evening you heard the question regarding prohibitions raised, apropos of the case which Dr Morgan reported to us. 费伦奇开始先是询问他自己,在精神分析的任何特定时刻,分析家的创议,在最初的情况,及在后来,分析家的存在应该扮演怎样的角色。我们必须看出,在给它的特质定为「积极」之前,一种介入在怎样的条件下被从事。譬如,昨天晚上,你们听见关于各种禁止的问题被提出,关于莫根博士跟我们报告的这个个案。 As I reminded you yesterday evening, that is a question which is already sounded out in Freud’s Papers on Technique. Freud always took it to be absolutely self-evident that, in certain cases, one must know how to intervene in an active way by imposing prohibitions – Your analysis cannot continue if you indulge in that activity which, through in some way saturating the situation, sterilises, in the full sense of the term, what might happen in the analysis. 如同我昨天提醒你们,那是一个问题,在弗洛伊德的论技术里已经被提出。弗洛伊德总是将它视为是绝对不证自明的,在某些的个案,我们必须知道如何介入,以一种积极的方式,凭借赋加各种禁止:「你们精神分析无法继续,假如你们耽溺于那种活动,以某方式将情境完全填满,让它免除污染,用这个术语的充分意义而言,在精神分析会发生什么事情? Starting from where we are, and going back in history from Balint on, we will try to see what the notion of active psychoanalysis means for Ferenczi, who is credited with its introduction. 从我们所在地地方开始,然后在历史中从巴林特开始回溯,我们将会尝试看出,对于费伦奇而言,积极精神分析的观念意味着什么,他从事介绍它,功不可没。 1*11 point out to you in passing that, in the course of his life, Ferenczi changed his position several times. He reconsidered some of his attempts, concluding that experience had shown them to be excessive, almost unfruitful, even injurious. 我将会跟顺便你们指出,在他的一生过程,费伦奇好几次改变他的立场。他重新考虑他的一些企图,获得的结论是;精神分析经验显示它们是过分,几乎是没有成果,甚至是有伤害到。 Balint thus belongs to this Hungarian tradition which blossomed around the questions raised by the relation of the analysand and analyst, conceived of as an interhuman situation involving persons and, as a consequence, implying a certain reciprocity. Today these questions are spoken of in terms of transference and counter-transference. 巴林特因此属于这个匈牙利的传统,它最为興盛,在分析者与分析家之间的关系,所形成的这些问题,被构想作为是牵涉到个人的人际之间的情况。结果,它暗示着某种互惠性。今天,这些问题被用移情跟反移情的术语被谈论。 Around about 1930, the personal influence of Ferenczi came to an end. From then on, it is that of his pupils which makes itself felt. 大约在1930年,费伦奇的个人影响结束。从那时开始,那是他的学生的个人影响让它自己被感觉到。 Balint is to be located in this period extending from 1930 to today, which is marked by the growing influence, within analysis, of the notion of the object relation. I believe that that is the central point in the conception of Balint, of his wife, and of their collaborators who took an interest in animal psychology. That is what comes across in a book which, even though it is only a collection of rather variable, disparate articles, spread over a period of twenty years, is nevertheless characterised by a remarkable unity, which one can extract. 巴林特应该被定位在这个时期,从1930年,延伸到今天,它被标示的影响越来越增加,在精神分析圈内,由于客体关系的观念。我相信,那是巴林特的观念的中心点,关于他的妻子,关于对于动物心理学感到興趣的他的那些合作者。那是偶然出现在一本书里,即使这本书收集各种相当不同的纷杂的文章,流传了二十年的时期,它的特性仍然被标示为一种杰出的一致性,我们抽取出来。 雄伯译 32hsiung@pchome.com.tw https://springhero.wordpress.com

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