sinthome 41

sinthome 41

Jacques Lacan
雅克 拉康

Le Sinthome

So then for me it is a matter of knowing whether I do not know what I am saying as true. It is to each of those who are here to tell me how you understand it. And especially about the fact that, when I speak – because after all it is not sure that what I say about the Real is anything more than speaking without rhyme or reason.


To say that the Real is a sinthome, my own, does not prevent the energetics, that I spoke about earlier, being any the less so. What is supposed to be the privilege of energetics? If not that, if not that one has – on condition of making the proper manipulations, manipulations in conformity with a certain mathematical teaching
– one always finds a constant number.


But one clearly feels at every instant what it can, that it is, as one might say a preestablished requirement. Namely, that one must get the constant. And that this is what constitutes energetics in itself. It is that some knack must be found to find the constant. The appropriate knack, the one that succeeds is supposed to be in
conformity with what is called reality.


But I make a distinction between this organ, as I might say, between this organ which has absolutely nothing to do with the fleshly organ, I draw a complete distinction between this organ by which the Imaginary and the Symbolic are, as they say, knotted, I draw a complete distinction between this supposed Real as compared to what serves to ground the science, of reality.


The Real that is at stake is illustrated by this flattened-out knot. Is (153) illustrated by the fact that in this flattened-out knot, I show a field as essentially distinct from the Real which is the field of meaning (sens). In this respect, one can say that the Real has and does not have a meaning with respect to the following, which is that the field is distinct from it.


That the Real does not have meaning is depicted by the following, namely, that meaning is there (X-1). And that the Real is there. And that they are not, they are specifically distinct as fields. The striking thing is this, it is that the Symbolic is distinguished by being specialised, as one might say, as hole. But that the true hole is here. It is here that there is revealed that there is no Other of the Other.


And that this here would be the place, just as meaning is the other of the Real,
that this here would be the place, but that there is nothing of the kind. At the place of the Other of the Other, there is no, no order of existence. This indeed is why I can think that the Real is not in suspense either as one might say. That the Real can be, can be what I reduced it to, in the form of a question, namely, of only being a response – a response to the lucubration of Freud of which one can say that all the same it feels repugnance for energetics.


That it is altogether up in the air with regard to this energetics, and that the only conception that can supply for the aforesaid energetics, is the one that I stated under the term of Real. There you are.



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