可能不是類似 210a

可能不是類似 210a

On a Discourse that might not be a semblance


Jacques Lacan
雅克 拉康

Seminar 3: Wednesday 10 February 1971

I was asked if I was going to give my seminar because of the strike. There were two or perhaps just one, but perhaps two of these people who asked me what I thought of the strike, more exactly they asked my secretary.


Well I for my part ask you! Nobody has anything to bring up in favour of the strike? At least in connection with this seminar? I will not absent myself from you…from your presence.


Nevertheless this morning I was myself rather inclined to go on strike. I was led to this because the person that I have just spoken about, my secretary, showed me a little rubric in a newspaper about the aforesaid strike.


The slogan of the strike, to which there was added, given the newspaper in question, a communiqué from the Ministry of National Education about everything that had been done for the University; the averages of the teachers employed per number of students, etc.


Naturally, I am not going to dispute these statistics. Nevertheless the conclusion that is drawn from them, of this very extensive effort which ought in any case to satisfy people, I will say that it does not agree with my information which nevertheless comes from a good source. So that…because of this, I was rather inclined to go on strike.


Your presence will force me, let us say by a fact which counts, it is what is called in our tongue courtesy, and in another that I announced like that, as a sort of come-along, that I would refer to, namely, the Chinese tongue about which I went as far as to confide to you that there was a time, when I learned a little bit of it, it is called


The yi, in the grand tradition, is one of the four fundamental virtues, (40) of whom? Of what? Of a man at a certain date. And if I speak about it like that, as it comes to me, because I thought I was going to have to make some casual remarks to you, it is moreover on this plane that I am going to give this discourse today. It will not be,
properly speaking, what I had prepared. In my own way all the same


13.1.71 I 55
I will take account of this strike and it is in a way – you are going to see, the level at which I am going to put things – it is in a more familiar way to reply in a fair-minded way.


This is more or less the best sense that can be given to this yi, to reply in a fair-minded way to this presence.


You will see that I shall take advantage of it to tackle a certain number of points that have given rise to an equivocation for some time. Namely, that since moreover there is something in question in the University, it is also at the level of the University – the movements of which in many cases I disdain to remark on when I hear about them – that today I think I should respond.


As perhaps you know – how can we know whether your presence bears witness to it or not – in my relationship to the aforesaid University I am only in what could be called a marginal position.


It believes it should give me some shelter, for which certainly I pay it homage, even though for some time something has manifested itself that I cannot but take into account, given the field in which I find myself teaching.


It is a certain number of echoes, of rumours, of murmurs that come to me from a quarter of a field defined in a university fashion and which is called linguistics.


When I speak, of course about disdain, I do not mean a feeling; what is at stake is a way of behaving.


At a time which already, precisely, if I remember correctly, is something like…how long ago is it, two years, it is not enormous, there came out in a journal that nobody reads any more, whose very name seems out of date, La Nouvelle Revue Française, there appeared a certain article called Exercices de style de Jacques Lacan.

在某個時間,確實地,假如我記得正確,某件像是、、、多久以前,兩年前。這並不是什麼大事。出版了一本雜誌,沒有人會再去讀它。這本雜誌的名字是過時了「La Nouvelle Revue Française」,裏面有一篇文章,標題是「拉康風格的應用」。

It was an article that I signalled, moreover, at that time I was under the roof of the Ecole Normale, anyway under the roof!…under the porch roof, at the door.


I said: “You should read that, it will give you a laugh”. It proved, as you saw subsequently, that it was perhaps a little less funny than it seemed, because it was in a way the bell in which I was rather, even though I was deaf, to hear the confirmation of what had already been announced to me: that my place was no longer under that porch roof.


It is a confirmation that I could have heard, because there was written in the article, there was written something that I must say is rather crude, that one might (41) hope, now that I am no longer under the porch roof of the Ecole Normale, for the introduction into the aforesaid Ecole, of linguistics, I am not sure of exactly quoting the terms, you can well imagine that I did not refer to it this morning, because all this is improvised, high quality, high tension linguistics, something or other of this kind,
perhaps, something that designated the fact that something was besmirching the name of linguistics, good God, within this Ecole Normale.



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