可能不是類似 120g

可能不是類似 120g

On a Discourse that might not be a semblance


Jacques Lacan
雅克 拉康

Seminar 2: Wednesday 20 January 1971

But anyway that would demand a little bit more development. “And if you do not find it on the side of your spirit, do not look for it on the side of your tchi”, namely, of what the Jesuits translated like that, as best they could, losing breath a little, your sensibility.


I am only indicating these stages to tell you the distinction which is very strict between what is articulated, what belongs to discourse, and what belongs to the spirit, namely, the essential, if you have not already found it at the level of the word, it is hopeless, do not try to find it elsewhere at the level of feelings. Meng-tseu, Mencius, contradicts himself, it is true, but it is a matter of knowing along what path and why.


13.1.71 I 53
This to tell you that a certain way of putting discourse right in the forefront is not at all something that makes us go back to archaisms because discourse at that epoch, and the epoch of Mencius, was already perfectly well articulated and constituted.


It is not through references to primitive thinking that one can understand it. In truth, I do not know what primitive thinking is. Something much more concrete that we have within our reach, is what is called underdevelopment. But that underdevelopment is not archaic, everyone knows that it is produced by the extension of the capitalist


I would even say more, what one notices, and what will be noticed more and more, is that underdevelopment is precisely the condition for capitalistic progress. From a certain angle, the October Revolution itself is a proof of it.


But what must be seen, is that what we have to confront is an underdevelopment that is going to be more and more patent, more and more widespread.


Only what in short is at stake, is that we should put the following to the test: if the key of the different problems that are going to propose themselves to us is not to put us at the level of this effect of capitalist articulation that I left in the shadows last year by simply giving you its root in the discourse of the master, I will perhaps give you a little more of it this year. It would be well….we must see what we can draw from what I would call an underdeveloped logic. This is what I will try to articulate before you, as the Chinese texts say, “for your better use”.



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