Bataille 17

Bataille 17

Bataille on Nietzsche
Summit and Decline

Here, no one will slip in and follow you. Your steps have of themselves blotted out the path behind you, and above your path is inscribed–Impossible!
— Zarathustra, “The Traveler”

—紮拉哲斯特拉 「旅者」

THE QUESTIONS that I want to raise deal with good and evil in reference to being, or beings.
Good is given first as the good of the individual. Evil seems to be a bias that obviously acts against this or that given individual. Possibly, good is respect for individuals and evil their violation. If these judgments make sense, I can derive them from my feelings.
On the contrary, good relates to having contempt for the interest of beings in themselves. According to this secondary conception (secondary, though remaining part of the totality of emotions) evil would be the existence of individuals–insofar as this implies their separation.

Reconciliation between these conflicting forms seems simple: good would be the interest of others.

So there is the possibility that all morality might rest on equivocation and derives from shifts.

But before coming to the questions this raises, I will look at the opposition from another angle.



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