Bataille 15

Bataille 15

Bataille on Nietzsche
Part I
Mr. Nietzsche
Nothing speaks as vividly to our hearts as these sprightly melodies with their absolute sadness.
“YOU BLAME this sovereign spirit, a spirit that for the present suffices unto itself, you blame it for being well protected, for being fortified against sudden attack. You blame it for the walls surrounding it, for the mysteries within it–though still you glance curiously through the golden bars that surround its domain–fascinated and interested. For the hints of unknown perfumes are drifting mockingly across your face, disclosing something of the secret gardens and delights.” ( The Will to Power)

“There is a false appearance of cheer against which nothing can be done; but adopting it, one has to be finally satisfied with it. We who have taken refuge in happiness, who in a certain sense need the noon and its wild excesses of sunlight, who sit by the edge of the road to watch life go by like a procession of masqueraders or a drama wherein we go mad–doesn’t it appear that we’re aware of our fear of something? Something in us breaks easily. Do we fear youthful and destructive hands? Is it to avoid chance that we take refuge in life, in its brilliance, in its falsity and superficiality, in its shiny lies?
If we seem light-hearted, is it from being infinitely sad? We are serious because we know something of the abyss–and is this why we erect barriers to that seriousness? We laugh within ourselves at those with a taste for melancholy, whom we suspect of lacking depth–alas, we envy them as we deride them, since we aren’t happy enough to allow them their delicate misery. We’re compelled to flee the barest hints of sadness–our hell and our darkness are always too near. There is something we know that we dread, something we don’t want to be on good terms with; the faith we have makes us tremble, its murmurings cause us to grow pale–and those who don’t believe in that faith seem happy to us.


We turn aside from the sight of misery, stop our ears to the lamentations of suffering; and pity would break us, if we didn’t have the secret of toughening ourselves. Stay with us in your courage, oh you mocking indifference! Cool us, ye winds blowing from the glaciers! We’ll no longer take things to heart–we’re choosing as our supreme god and redeemer: the mask.” ( The Will to Power)
對於悲傷的景象,我們轉身不顧,閉耳不聞痛苦的悲嚎。假如我們沒有堅強我們自己的秘密,悲憫之心會毀滅我們。請你勇敢地跟我們同在,喔,你這種嘲笑的冷漠!讓我們冷爽,你這位從冰原吹拂過去的風!我們不再將事情掛念在心—我們選擇假面具作為我們崇高的神祗及救贖者。」 (權力意志)

“The supreme cosmic discourse: ‘I am cruelty, trickery,’ etc., etc. Mocking our fear of assuming responsibility for mistakes (mocking a creator) or for any pain. More malicious than ever before etc. This is a supreme way of taking pleasure in our own work; wrecking it so as to be able to reconstruct it again and again. It’s a new triumph over death, pain, obliteration.” ( The Will to Power)

「崇高的宇宙的訊息是:「我殘酷!我戲謔!等等。」嘲笑我們的恐懼,恐懼因為錯誤而負責,(嘲笑我們作為一位創造者),或恐懼因為痛苦而負責。宇宙的訊息比起以前,更加惡意,等等。這是一個崇高的方式,歡樂於我們自己的工作,破壞它,為了要能夠一再地重建它。這是一種新的勝利,克服死亡,痛苦及被抹除。」 (權力意志)
“‘Be sure! From now on I will take interest only in necessity! Be sure: amor fati will be my supreme love!'”–There exists the possibility you’ll go that far; though first you will have to show some interest in the Furies. And I declare that their serpents make me hesitate. –“‘What do you know about the Furies? The Furies, isn’t that just a derogatory name for the Graces?–He’s out of his mind!” ( The Will to Power)

「要確定!從現在開始,我將只對需要感到興趣!要確定:命運之愛將是我崇高的愛!」—你們將必須走那麼遠,這種可能性是存在的。雖然首先你們將必須顯示某種的興趣,對於復仇女神。然後我宣稱,復仇女神的蛇使我躊躇不前—「你們對於復仇女神瞭解多少?復仇女神,難道不就是上帝的恩典的貶抑名稱?—上帝發瘋了!」 (權力意志)
“Indicating the power and confidence obtained by showing that ‘I’ve unlearned fear’; in place of mistrust and doubt, trust our instincts; each person loving and honoring himself or herself in wisdom and even absurdity; partly as a fool, partly as a god; not being a figure of woe or an owl; or a serpent . . .” ( The Will to Power)

「我以顯示「我已經忘懷恐懼」,來指示我獲得的力量跟信心。讓我們信任我們的本能,來代替不信任與懷疑。讓我們信任每個人以智慧,甚至以荒謬,熱愛自己,尊重自己的人;他們有點像是傻瓜,又有點像是神祗。他們不是災難的人物,或是老鷹,或是蛇、、、」 (權力意志)


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