Bataille 13

Bataille 13

Bataille on Nietzsche
Part I
Mr. Nietzsche
. . . the heights where you find him link him in friendship to recluses, to the unrecognized of all times.

— 1882-85
“RECLUSES AMONG recluses, where will we be then? Since it is certainly the case that that’s where, because of science, we’ll some day be. Where will human companions be found? It used to be we would look for a king, father, a judge for us all–since we needed authentic kings, fathers, judges. Later on we’ll seek a friend, since human beings will have become splendid autonomous systems, though remaining alone. Mythological instinct will then go looking for a friend.” ( The Will to Power)
「隱士中的隱士,那麼我們將會在哪里?這確實是有朝一日,因為科學,我們將會有身置何處的情況。到何處尋求人類當同伴?以前是我們尋找一位國王,父親,法官給予我們大家。因為我們需要真誠的國王,父親及法官。後來,我們將尋求一位朋友,因為人類將會成為輝煌的自主的系統,雖然始終是孤單。神話的本能將會去尋找一朋友。」 (權力意志)

“We’ll make philosophy a dangerous thing, change the idea of it, teach a philosophy that is dangerous to life; what better service can be rendered to philosophy? The more expensive the idea, the more it will be cherished. If we unhesitatingly sacrifice ourselves to notions of ‘God,’ ‘Country,’ and ‘Freedom,’ and if all of history is the smoke surrounding this kind of sacrifice, how can we show the primacy of the concept of ‘philosophy’ over popular concepts like ‘God,’ ‘Country,’ and ‘Freedom,’ except by making the former more expensive than the latter–showing that it demands still greater hecatombs?” ( The Will to Power)
「我們將會使哲學成為一件危險的事情,改變事情的觀念,教導一門對於生命危險的哲學,對於哲學我們還能夠提供什麼更好的服務?這個觀念越是昂貴,它越會被珍惜。假如我們毫不猶豫地犧牲自己,奉獻給上帝,國家及自由的觀念,假如所有的歷史都是環繞這種犧牲的煙幕,我們如何能夠顯示哲學的觀念優先于諸如上帝,國家及自由的觀念?除了將是將前者表現得比後者更加昂貴,顯示:前者要求更大的獻祭?」 ( 權力意志)

If it were ever entertained, this proposal might prove interesting. With no one in the offing wanting to die for it, however, Nietzsche’s doctrine is null and void.


If I ever have occasion to write out my last words in blood, I’ll write this: “Everything I lived, said, or wrote–everything I loved–I considered communication. How could I live my life otherwise? Living this recluse’s life, speaking in a desert of isolated readers, accepting the buoyant touch of writing! My accomplishment, its sum total, is to have taken risks and to have my sentences fall like the victims of war now lying in the fields.” I want people to laugh, shrug their shoulders, and say, “He’s having fun at our expense, he’s alive.” True, I live on, even now am full of life, though I declare, “If you find me reluctant to take risks in this book, throw it away; if on the other hand, when you read me you find nothing to risk yourself, then listen: Throughout your life up until your death, your reading will only corrupt you . . . and you’ll stink with corruption.”

“THE TYPE OF MY DISCIPLES–For any of those in whom I take an interest I wish only suffering, abandonment, sickness, ill treatment and disgrace; I don’t want them spared the profound contempt for self or the martyrdom that is mistrust of self; they haven’t stirred me to pity . . .” ( The Will to Power)

「我的門徒的類型—對於任何我感到興趣的人,我只希望痛苦,放棄,疾病,虐待及羞辱。我不想要他們被赦免對於自我的深刻藐視,或是赦免對於自我的不信任的折磨。他們從不曾引起我的同情、、、」 (權力意志)
Nothing human necessitates a community of those desiring humanness. Anything taking us down that road will require combined efforts–or at least continuity from one person to the next–not limiting ourselves to the possibilities of a single person. To cut my ties with what surrounds me makes this solitude of mine a mistake. A life is only a link in the chain. I want other people to continue the experience begun by those before me and dedicate themselves like me and the others before me to this–to go to the furthest reaches of the possible.

人性的需求,並不一定需要那些渴望人性的那些人的社會。任何將我們帶下這條途徑的東西,會要求共同的努力—至少,從一個人到另一個人繼續下去。不要將我們自己限制于單一個人的可能性。 切斷我跟環繞我的東西,會使我的這個孤獨成為一種錯誤。生命僅是鎖鏈的一環。我要其他的人繼續在我之前那些人的這個經驗,然後他們像我及我之前的那些人一樣,奉獻他們自己於這個目標:邁向可能性的最深淵。
Sentences will be consigned to museums if the emptiness in writing persists.
Currently we take pride in this–that nothing can be understood till first of all deformed, emptied of content, by one of two mechanisms–propaganda and writing!
Like a woman, possibility, makes demands, makes a person go all the way.


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