Bataille 12

Bataille 12

Bataille on Nietzsche
Part I
Mr. Nietzsche

AN UNLUCKY incident gives me a feeling of sin: I don’t have any right to run out of luck!
Breaking the moral law was necessary to experience that urgency. (Compared to the strictness of this attitude, wasn’t the old morality simple?)
Now begins a difficult and unrelenting journey–the quest for the most distant possibility.


The idea of a morality that couldn’t conquer the possible beyond good, wouldn’t such an idea be ridiculous?
“To deny worth, but to do what surpasses all praise or (for that matter) understanding.” ( The Will to Power)
“If we want to create, we have to credit ourselves with much more freedom than previously was given us and thus free ourselves of morality and bring liveliness to our celebrations. (Intimations of the future! To celebrate the future and not the past! To invent the myth of this future! To live in hopefulness!) Blessed moments! But then: let the curtain fall, and let us bring our thinking back to solid goals near at hand!” ( The Will to Power)

「假如我們想要創造,我們必須推崇我們自己,擁有更多的自由,比先前所被給予我們的,然後將我們自己從道德律解放出來,將生命活力帶到慶祝當中。(對於未來的宣告!慶祝未來,而不是過去!杜撰這個未來的神話!生活在希望當中!)這些時刻有福了!但是然後讓這個窗簾垂落下來,讓我們將我們的思想帶回手邊具體的目標!」 ( 權力意志)
The future: not a prolonging of the self through time but the occurrence of surpassing, going further than the limits reached.


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