現代心理治療的難題 73

現代心理治療的難題 73

Carl Jung
卡爾 榮格


The step from education to self-education is a logical advance that completes the earlier stages. The demand made by the stage of transformation, namely that the doctor must change himself if he is to become capable of changing his patient, is,
as may well be imagined, a rather unpopular one, and for three reasons. First, because it seems unpractical; second, because of the unpleasant prejudice against being preoccupied with oneself; and third, because it is sometimes exceedingly painful
to live up to everything one expects of one’s patient.


The doctor must change himself if he is to become capable of changing his patient.
= The doctor must change himself if he intends to become capable of changing his patient.

條件句裏,be 動詞後面接不定詞,具有「打算」意味。

The demand made by the stage of transformation, namely that the doctor must change himself if he is to become capable of changing his patient, as may well be imagined,is a rather unpopular one,

The demand made by the stage of transformation is a rather unpopular one.
= The demand which is made by the stage of transformation is a rather unpopular one.

namely that the doctor must change himself if he is to become capable of changing his patient (換句話說,假如醫生想要能夠改變病人,他必須改變他自己)
名詞子句,充當the demand 的同位語

as may well be imagined = as we have good reason to imagine
形容詞子句,修飾整個句子,as 是准關係代名詞

The last item in particular contributes much to the unpopularity of this demand, for if the doctor conscientiously doctors himself he will soon discover things in his own nature which are utterly opposed to normalization, or which continue to haunt him in
the most disturbing way despite assiduous explanation and thorough abreaction. What is he to do about these things?


Assiduous 持續努力 Marked by care and persistent effort
Abreaction—渲泄情意 (psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

What is he to do about these things?
= What should he do about these things?


He always knows what the patient should do about them– it is his professional duty to do so. But what, in all sincerity, will he do when they recoil upon himself or perhaps upon those who stand nearest to him? He may, in his self-investigations, discover some inferiority which brings him uncomfortably close to his patients and may even blight his authority. How will he deal with this painful discovery?


Blight 摧殘Cause to suffer a blight


This somewhat “neurotic” question will touch him on the raw, no matter how normal he thinks he is. He will also discover that the ultimate questions which worry him as much as his patients cannot be solved by any treatment, that to expect solutions from others is childish and keeps you childish, and that if no solution can be found
the question must be repressed again.


Touch someone on the raw—提醒某人他非常敏感的問題,使他困擾to upset somebody by reminding them of something they are particularly sensitive about

I will not pursue any further the many problems raised by self-examination because, owing to the obscurity which still surrounds the psyche, they would be of little interest today.


Instead, I would like to emphasize once again that the newest developments in analytical psychology confront us with the imponderable elements in the human personality; that we have learned to place in the foreground the personality of the doctor himself as a curative or harmful factor; and that what is now demanded is his own transformation the self-education of the educator.


Imponderable—難於準確評估的Difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision
Curative 具有療效的Tending to cure or restore to health


Consequently, everything that occurred on the objective level in the history of our psychology confession, elucidation, education passes to the subjective level; in other words, what happened to the patient must now happen to the doctor, so that his personality shall not react unfavourably on the patient. The doctor can no longer evade his own difficulty by treating the difficulties of others: the man who suffers from a running abscess is not fit to perform a surgical operation.


Abscess 膿瘡 Symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue


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