Infinitely varied are the contents of the initial dreams, that is, the dreams that come at the outset of the treatment.
A. 最初的那些夢,即治療初期的那些夢,它們通常都是不斷變化,具有無窮的內容。
B. 最初的夢的內容變化無窮,我指的是,治療開始時的夢。
In many cases they point directly to the past and recall things lost and forgotten.
A. 在很多個案中,這些夢會直接指向那些被遺忘了的過往經歷。
B. 在許多個案,這些夢會直接指向過去,並回憶起失落及被遺忘的事情
point the past and recall 指向過去並且回憶
and 連接 point 跟 recall 兩個動詞,point (指向)的受詞是 the past (過去),recall(回憶) 的受詞才是 things lost and forgotten 失落及被遺忘的事情
lost and forgotten 失落與遺忘,是過去分詞,修飾前面的things,

For very often the standstill and disorientation arise when life has become one-sided, and this may, in psychological terms, cause a sudden loss of libido.
A. 因為很多時候,當我 們的生活變得極端,陷入了某種靜止或茫然的狀態時,會導致這樣一個結果,用心理學術語講:力比多的突然喪失。
B. 往往停滯及失序會出現,當生活變成單邊化。從心理學的術語來說,這可能會引起生命力比多多突然喪失。
The psychic energy that directs and motivates the personality is called libido. Interest, attention and drive are all expressions of libido. The libido invested in a given item is indicated by how highly it is valued. Libido can be transformed or displaced but not destroyed. If the libido attached to one object disappears, it reappears elsewhere. Libido is the dynamism of the life process manifested in the psychic sphere.
何謂「生命變成單邊化」Life has become one-sided?
The theory of libido is closely connected with the law of opposites. The processes of the psyche depend on a tension and interplay between opposite poles. If one side of a pair of opposites becomes excessively predominant in the personality, it is likely to turn into its contrary. This is called enantiodromia. A one-sided conscious attitude constellates its opposite in the unconscious.
All our previous activities become uninteresting, even senseless, and our aims suddenly no longer worth striving for.
A. 你會發現,自己之前做的事情都變得意思,甚至沒有意義,你發覺生命中沒有什麼值得追求的東西了。
B. 所有我們以前的活動變得無趣,甚至沒有意義。我們的目標突然不再值得我們追求。
What in one person is merely a passing mood may in another become a chronic condition.
A. 這種心理狀態,在某些人那裏也許只是暫時的,但另一些人那裏,則可能演變會一種持久而難以治癒的心理狀態。
B. 對於某個人僅僅是一時的低潮,對於另外一個人卻是長期的慢性狀況。
one….another 的特殊句型
One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
One man’s loss is another gain.
One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.
One man’s superstition is another man’s religion.
One woman’s ideal husband is another woman’s pain in the neck.
In these cases it often happens that other possibilities for developing the personality lie buried somewhere or other in the past, unknown to anybody, not even to the patient.
A. 這時我常會發現,能幫助他們發展個性的那些因數,潛伏在患者過去記憶的某個地方,具體在哪,別人不知道,甚至連患者自己也不知道。
B. 在這些情況,往往湊巧的是,人格發展的其他可能性,就隱藏在過去的某個地方,沒有人知道,甚至連病人都不知的。

It happens that—-to do or to be something by chance 湊巧地
It happened that she was out when we called.
But the dream may reveal the clue.
A. 但是,患者的夢卻會給出啟示!
B. 但是,夢可能會顯示線索。

In other cases the dream points to present facts, for example marriage or social position, which the conscious mind has never accepted as sources of problems or conflicts.
A 有的時候,這個夢也會指向患者的現狀,比如他的婚姻狀況和社會地位,往往都是一些患者意識層面一時難以接受的問題和衝突。
B. 在有些個案,夢指向目前的事實。例如,婚姻或是社會的立場,意識的心靈從來沒有接受它們,當著是難題或是衝突的來源。
Which 代替前面的marriage or social positions 充當 has never accepted 的受詞,也就是它的受詞不是「問題和衝突」,而是「婚姻或是社會的立場」
Both possibilities come within the sphere of the rational, and I daresay I would have no difficulty in making such initial dreams seem plausible.
A. 我敢說自己在處理患者這兩種最初的夢時沒有困難,因為它們尚可理解,
B. 兩種的可能都在理性的範圍之內、我敢確定地說,要將最初的夢顯得合理化,對我來說,並不是什們難事。
Both possibilities兩種可能性,一種指的是 they point directly to the past and recall things lost and forgotten (夢直接指向過去及回憶過去及被遺忘的事情),另一種指的是 the dream points to present facts, for example, or social position(夢指向目前的事實。例如,婚姻或是社會的立場)。

The real difficulty begins when the dreams do not point to anything tangible, and this they do often enough, especially when they hold anticipations of the future.
A. 但當夢並沒有明確指向某個具體的事物時,我就困惑了,但患者卻似乎得到了某種有關未來的預示。
B. 真正的困難開始,當夢沒有指向任何具體的東西。而且,夢還常常是如此,特別是當這些夢擁有對於未來的期望。
Anticipation 是「期望」expectation ,不是「預示」
and the his they do often enough= and they do this often enough
they 指dreams (夢),do this 指的是 do not point to anything tangible(沒有指向任何具體的東西)
I do not mean that such dreams are necessarily prophetic, merely that they feel the way, they “reconnoitre.”
A. 我不是說這樣的夢一定就具有某種預知性,只是患者卻能從中能感覺到自己的人生方向,他們真的“偵探”到了。
B. 我的意思並不是說,這樣的夢一定就是具有某種的預言。我僅是說,夢感覺起來是這樣,夢會「偵探」。
Reconnoiter (偵探),原指軍事上的「偵探敵情」,這裏是比喻轉用,榮格特別加個引號。
they 指的是前面的「這樣的夢」such dreams ,而不是「患者」。是「這樣的夢」在偵探,不是「患者」在偵探。
feel 在此是不及物動詞,意思是「感覺起來像是」,而不是「感覺」,後面的the way 是 in the way 的省略,是副詞用法,而不是當受詞的名詞用法。
例句:Her hand felt as if it would burst 她的摸起來,像是要裂開。
C. merely 是副詞,修飾前面的 mean,不是「只有患者」,而是 I merely mean that they feel the way. 我僅是說,夢感覺起來是這樣。
榮格在「追尋靈魂的現代人」“ Modern Man in Search of a Soul “ 一書,也有類似的說法,只是用詞稍微不同。不妨參照一下。
These possibilities fall within the scope of rational explanation, and it is not difficult to make such initial dreams plausible. The real difficulty begins when dreams, as is often the case, do not point to anything tangible, especially they show a kind of foreknowledge of the future. I do not mean that they are prophetic, but they anticipate and “ reconnoiter”
These dreams contain inklings of possibilities and for that reason can never be made plausible to an outsider.
A. 這些夢中包含了各種可能的暗示,所以在外人看來,有些暗示似乎那麼得不可思議。
B. 這些夢包含的,只是各種可能性的些微暗示。因為那個理由,我們永遠無法將這些夢,讓局外人覺得似乎合理。
can never be made plausible to an outsider 的主詞是 these dreams (這些夢)不是 inklings of possibilities(可能性的些微暗示)
Sometimes they are not plausible even to me, and then I usually say to the patient, “I don’t believe it, but follow up the clue.”
A. 有的時候,就連我也很難相信,但我還是會這麼對患者說:“老實說我不相信,但是請您聽從這個啟示!”。
B. 有時候,這些夢,即使對於我而言,也是不合理的。因此,我通常會對病人說:「我不相信這個夢,但是我會更進一步探索這個線索。」
not plausible (似乎不可信)指的是they (dreams),是夢的似乎不可信,不是「我也很難相信」
follow up the clues (更進一步探索線索) to act further on exploring the clues,它的主詞是「我」 I ,不是「請你聽從」、
As I have said, the sole criterion is the stimulating effect, but it is by no means necessary for me to understand why such an effect takes place.
A. 正如我所說的,衡量自己勞動成果的唯一標準就是:是否產生了刺激作用,所以只要產生了就好,我不必一定要去瞭解這種刺激作用究竟是如何發生的。
B. 我曾經說過,唯一的標準就是有沒有讓人振奮的效果。但是我絕對沒有必要去瞭解,為什麼會產生這個效果。
Stimulating 的意思是「令人振奮」Making lively and cheerful,不是A 譯的什麼「刺激作用」。何謂「刺激作用」?
This is particularly true of dreams that contain something like an “unconscious metaphysics,” by which I mean mythological analogies that are sometimes incredibly strange and baffling ..
A. 這些夢裏有一些“無意識層面的形而上”的東西,很玄,有時就如同神話般令人驚奇、困惑。
B. 就包含某件像是「無意識形上學」的這些夢而言,尤其同樣是如此。所謂「無意識形上學」,我是指神話的類比。這些類比有時相當奇怪,而且令人困惑。

所謂「同樣是如此」true of ,是指前面的「但是我絕對沒有必要去瞭解,為什麼會產生這個效果。」 it is by no means necessary for me to understand why such an effect takes place. 現在,榮格絕對沒有必要求瞭解,為什麼「無意識形上學」會產生令人振奮的效果。
True of –同樣地真實
The music is dull and uninspiring and the same is true of the acting.
by which I mean 的which 指的是前面的「無意識形上學」,它的意思就是「神話的類比」。
Now, you will certainly protest: How on earth can I know that the dreams contain anything like an unconscious metaphysics? And here I• must confess that I do not really know.
A. 這時,你一定會提出質疑:究竟我是如何知道這些夢裏包含了那種“無意識層面的形而上”的東西的?我必須承認,實際上我並不知道。
B. 現在,你一定會抗議:我究竟如何能夠知道:夢確實包含「無意識的形上學」?在此,我必須坦誠承認,我確實是不知道。
I know for too little about dreams for that. I see only the effect on the patient, of which I would like to give you a little example.
A. 對於夢,我知道得實在太少了。我只是看到這些東西在患者身上產生的作用,下面我很樂意舉一些例子。
B. 對於包含無意識形上學的夢,我懂得太少。我只知道,對於病人會有治療的效果。關於這個效果,我想要給予你們一個小例子。

I know for too little about dreams for that. .

裏面的dreams for that ,指的是dreams for unconscious metaphysics 無意識形上學的夢,而不僅是「對於夢」。

榮格對於「無意識形上學」的定義,在此明確指明是:所謂「無意識形上學」,我是指神話的類比。這些類比有時相當奇怪,而且令人困惑。by which mean mythological analogies that are sometimes incredibly strange and baffling .

Whether this psychic structure and its elements, the archetypes, ever “originated” at all is a metaphysical question and therefore unanswerable and it is impossible to say where the archetypes come from,because there is no Archimedeann point outside the priori conditions it represents.


何謂「阿基米德點」Archimedean point?
Archimedean point is metaphor derived from Archimedes’ alleged saying that if he had a fulcrum and a lever, he could move the earth. The “ Archimedean point “ is a point “ outside” from which a different , or objective, perhaps “ true” picture of something is obtainable.



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