But there are various indicia also within the youthful phase of life.
A. 但是在生命早期也存在着很多不一样的标记、特征。
B. 但是,在年轻人的生命里,也有各种的指标。
Thus, in my estimation, it is a technical blunder to apply the Freudian viewpoint to a patient with the Adlerian type of psychology, that is, an unsuccessful person with an infantile need to assert himself.
A. 据我评估:当面对一个持有弗洛伊德观点的患者时,你若使用阿德勒的那套心理模式,会出现技术层面的错误, 也就是说,一位不成功的人士会显得非常幼稚、孩子气,他通过这种方式来维护自我。
B. 因此,我的评断是:将佛洛伊德的观点应用到一位阿德勒型心理的病人,是一种技术上的错误。换句话说,这位病人是一位事业失意的人,带有想要表现自己的婴儿时期需要。
何谓「带有想要表现自己的婴儿时期需要」an infantile need to assert himself?
According to Adler, each individual has a weak area in their body (organ inferiority) which tends to be the area where illness occurs – such as the stomach, head, heart, back, lungs, etc. Adler said that to some degree every emotion finds expression in the body. From his understanding of organ inferiority, Adler began to see each individual as having a feeling of inferiority.
Adler wrote, “To be a human being means to feel oneself inferior.” The child comes into the world as a helpless little creature surrounded by powerful adults. A child is motivated by feelings of inferiority to strive for greater things. Those feelings of inferiority activate a person to strive upward so that normal feelings of inferiority activate a person to strive upward so that normal feelings of inferiority impel the human being to solve his problems successful, whereas the inferiority complex impedes or prevents him from doing so.
Conversely, it would be a gross misunderstanding to force the Adlerian viewpoint on a successful man with a pronounced pleasure-principle psychology.
A. 相反,如果你把阿德勒那套观点,很勉强地运用在一个宣扬快乐原则的成功人 士身上,显然也是个很大的误解。
B. 反过来说,强将阿德勒的观点,运用到佛洛伊德宣称是具有快乐原则心理的成功者病人身上,也会造成重大的误解。
何谓快乐原则的心理pleasure-principle psychology?
In Freudian psychology, the pleasure principle is the psychoanalytic concept describing people seeking pleasure and avoiding suffering (pain) in order to satisfy their biological and psychological needs.
When in a quandary the resistances of the patient may be valuable signposts.
A. 一旦患者出现左右为难的阻抗,医生需充分意识到,阻抗的出现是一个很有价值的信号。
B. 左右为难时,病人的抗拒可能是彌足珍贵的指标。
I am inclined to take deep-seated resistances seriously at first, paradoxical as this may sound, for I am convinced that the doctor does not necessarily know better than the patient’s own psychic constitution, of which the patient himself may be quite unconscious.
A. 我会开始非常认真地探究他的深层阻抗, 因为我坚信,医生不必了解得比患者多,患者比你更了解自己的心理构造。这听起来也许有些让人意外,但我觉得是这样的:患者更了解自己,虽然他可能还没有意识到这点。

B. 起初我会非常认真地看待他根深蒂固的抗拒,虽然这样听起来是矛盾,因为我深信,医生未必比病人自己的心灵体质更加了解。关于自己的心灵体质,病人自己可能完全不知道。
Not necessarily 「未必」,是部份否定,而「不必」却是全部否定。两者差很多。
the doctor does not necessarily know better than the patient’s own psychic constitution,
这句的英文有点曖昧,关键在那个than 字,是the doctor 跟the patient’s own psychic constitution比较?还是跟 the patient 比较?
Michael 若有德文版,是否能麻烦查证一下,than 是否是 about 之误?

of which the patient himself may be quite unconscious.
which 是关系代名词,指前面的the patient’s own psychic constitution 病人自己的心灵体质。 unconscious of 是「不知道」。quite 是「完全,相当」,不是「还没有」。

paradoxical as this may sound= Though this may sound paradoxical
as 作「虽然」解释时,引导副词子句,表示让步,要用倒装句形,将名词,形容词及副词,放置在前面。名词前的冠词要省略。
Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger.
= Though he was a child, he was desperate with hunger.
Absurd as the theory was, it had many admirers.
= Though the theory was absurd, it had many admirers.
Rashly as he acted, he had some excuse.
Though he acted rashly, he had some excuse.
This modesty on the part of the doctor is altogether becoming in view of the fact that there is not only no generally valid psychology today but rather an untold variety of temperaments and of more or less individual psyches that refuse to fit into any scheme.
A. 作为医生,你需要一直保持这份谦虚,要知道事实很可能就是这样的:这个世界上存在着各种各样未知的性格特征,而几乎所有的个体心理,都拒绝被简单地归结到哪一种性格类型中。
B. 在医生这方面,这种的谦虚是完全合适的,因为考量到这个事实:今天,我们不但没有拥有普遍有效的心理学,而且人的性情跟各别的心灵,有无数的多样性。它们拒绝被套入任何的模式。

Becoming—suitable or appropriate for somebody or their situation 合适或是得体
It was not very becoming behavior for a teacher. 这不是老师应有的得体行为。
Altogether —completely, in every way 完全
In view of something —considering something 考虑到
In view of weather, the event will now be held indoors.

Untold 的意思是「无数的」,不是「未知」
—used to emphasize how large, great, etc. untold misery/ wealth 被用来强调数目大或数量大,例如无数的悲惨,无数的财富
These gases cause untold damage to the environment


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