After what has been said it seems hardly necessary to add that I hold the truth of my own deviationist views to be equally relative, and feel myself so very much the mere exponent of another disposition that I could almost say with Coleridge: ” I believe in the one and only saving Church, of which at present I am the only member.”
A 說了這麼多,似乎沒有必要再補充說,其實我也有著自己的觀點,雖說會偏向某一邊。這就好比是另一個自己,像科爾裏奇一樣地說著:“我相信自己才是拯救教會的唯一人選。”
B. 說了這一些,容我再嘮叨地多個贅語:我也擁有屬於我自己,同樣是相對性的異端見解。我覺得我自己僅僅是另外一種性情的提倡者。這種性情,我幾乎可以科勒立奇的話作為代表:「我相信這個獨一無二的拯救世人的教會。關於這個教會,目前我是唯一的教友。」

The attribution to Coleridge is incorrect, according Coleridgean scholars who were consulted.—editors.

I believe in the one and only saving Church, of which at present I am the only member.”
The one and only saving Church 是指「教會拯救世人」,不是「榮格要拯救教會」。
榮格自許為「獨一無二拯救世人的教會」,而且還是「目前我是唯一的教友」。他自己也承認自己所擁有的真理,是「一種同樣是相對性的異端見解」。I hold the truth of my own deviationist views to be equally relative,
It is in applied psychology, if anywhere, that we must be modest today and bear with an apparent plurality of contradictory opinions; for we are still far from having anything like a thorough knowledge of the human psyche, that most challenging field of scientific inquiry.
A. 今天在心理學的應用方面,我們需保持謙虛地態度,並容納各種或矛盾的多元化意見,因為對於人類心理,我們還無法透徹地瞭解,這可以說是科學探索中最具挑戰性的領域了。
B. 明確地說,就是在應用心理學,今天我們必須有謙虛的態度,並且要包容各種矛盾意見顯而易見的多樣性。因為對於人類的精神心理,我們依舊根本就沒有任何一套完整的知識。而人類的精神心理卻是科學研究,最具挑戰性的領域。

If anywhere 明確地說
It is in applied psychology, if anywhere,(假如有任何領域,那就是應用心理學)
這個省略句,類似 if anything 的意思 if anything definite can be said, this is it
At present we have merely more or less plausible opinions that cannot be squared with one another
A. 目前,我們只能得到一些較為合理的觀點,但是各方觀點還無法取得一致。
B. 目前,我們擁有的僅是較能自圓其說的意見。這些意義彼此還不能相容。
Square— Be compatible with 相和諧
If, therefore, I undertake to say something about my views I hope I shall not be misunderstood.
A. 因此,我很想談談自己的觀點,卻不希望被誤解。
B. 因此,即使我從事談論我的觀點,我不希望我會受到曲解。
I am not advertising a novel truth, still less am I announcing a final gospel.
A. 我不是要宣揚一種新真理,也不是想傳播什麼最後的福音。
B. 我不是正在宣揚一種新穎的真理,更不是在宣佈一個最後福音。
何謂「最後福音」final gospel?
The early Christians considered John the final Gospel. Christians believe this was penned by John, authored by God.

Ephesians 1:4 is clearly the first mention of the final gospel. The heart of this verse is that humanity was chosen by our Heavenly Father to be “in Christ.” Before the world was created until the death of Christ, there was nothing said about humans being “in Christ.” This part of the plan of God, that He would need to put Christ in humans in order for Him to have His own birthed family, could not have come about until He had tried everything possible to change humans from their erring ways.
I can only speak of attempts to throw light on psychic facts that obscure to me, of efforts to overcome therapeutic difficulties.
A. .我只是試圖聚焦一些平時自己感到費解的心理現實,努力去克服心理治療中的難題。
B. 我僅是談論,我試圖將我以前感到迷惑的心靈的事實,以及我努力克服心理治療的難題,弄個清楚明白,
Throw light on—to give new information about 增加資訊,使清楚明白


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