And it is just with this last point that I should like to begin, for here lies the most pressing need for modifications.
A. 這便是我想說的最後一點,而最亟需進行的調整就隱含在其中。
B. 我就是想要從這個最後一點談起,因為修正的最迫切的需要就是在這裏。
Begin with—to start (something ) with ( something) 從、、、開始
The day began with bad news , and looks like getting worse.
As is well known, one can get along for quite a time with an inadequate theory, but not with inadequate therapeutic methods.
A. 眾所周知,一個人可以堅守一個不太好的理論很長一段時間,但要換作是一個不太好的理論方法,怕是堅持不了多久。
B. 眾所周知,對於一個難以自圓其說的理論,我們可以將就使用相當久的一段時間,但是對於缺失重重的治療方法豈可如此!
Get along with—to continue to live, work, etc, often in spite of difficulties, by using ( something) 將就使用
I’ll get along with a bicycle until we can afford a car.
In my psychotherapeutic practice of nearly thirty years I have met with a fair number of failures which made a far deeper impression on me than my successes.
A. 我在過去將近30年的心理治療實踐中,遇到了相當多的挫折,這些遠比那些成功的地方那個讓我印象深刻。
B. 將近30年的心理治療從業,我曾經遭遇相當多的失敗案例。這些失敗案例,比成功案例,更加讓我刻骨銘心。
Anybody can have successes in psychotherapy, starting with the primitive medicine-man and faith-healer.
A. 任何一個人都能在心理治療中取得成功,哪怕是初出茅廬的學醫者和有信仰的治療者。
B. 任何人從事心理治療,都會有某個程度的成就,即使是原始時代的巫醫,或是藉宗教迷信來治療的人。
Primitive medicine man and faith-healer 是「原始時代的巫醫,或是藉宗教迷信來治療的人。」,跟「初出茅廬的學醫者和有信仰的治療者」,實在是風馬牛不相及。
何謂「原始時代的巫醫」Primitive medicine man ?
Members of primitive society do not distinguish between medicine, magic and religion. They, first of all , will deal with disease in a matter-of-fact way, using various household the remedies. But when these measures fail, they will resort to measures very different from those we would take. While we assume that disease and death result from natural causes, primitive men regard them almost entirely as work of supernatural agents: gods, holy people, ghosts, or sorceress.

The medical practitioner in primitive society, the medicine man, is primarily priest or shaman. He is a learned man, comparatively speaking, because he knows more than other people about the transcendental world, so much so that he sometimes has power over it. He is neither fraud nor psychopath . His magic or illusionary practices are done symbolically and in keeping with a strict code and well-established ritual. What he does, he do in sincerity; anthropologists believe he is just as sincere as the modern doctor.

Faith –healing信心治療的定義是: a method of treating a sick person through the power of belief and prayer憑藉信仰跟祈禱的力量來治療病人。
The psychotherapist learns little or nothing from his successes, for they chiefly confirm him in his mistakes.
A. 一位心理治療師從成功的案例中學到很少或什麼都學不到,因為成功只會讓他們更堅定其中錯誤的做法,
B. 心理治療師從他的成功案例,幾乎沒有學的什麼。因為它們主要讓他堅定自己錯誤的療法。
Little or nothing—hardly anything; almost nothing 幾乎沒有
His father left him little or nothing. 他的父親幾乎沒有留給他任何東西。
Confirm —使、、、更加相信
If something confirms you in your decision, belief, or opinion, it makes you think that you are definitely right.
But failures are priceless experiences because they not only open the way to a better truth but force us to modify our views and methods.
A. 但若遭遇挫折就不同了,挫折是無比寶貴的經歷,因為失敗,我們會被推動著調整自己的觀點和方法,從而找到一條更開闊的通往真理之路。
B. 但是失敗的案例卻是彌足珍貴的經驗。它們不但展開更美好的真理之路,而且強迫我們修正我們的觀點跟方法。
I certainly recognize how much my work has been furthered first by Freud and then by Adler, and in practice I try to acknowledge this debt by making use of their views, whenever possible, in the treatment of my patients.
A. 當然,我得承認自己的工作因佛洛德而得到進一步推動,然後是阿德勒,因此在為患者做治療的實踐中,我會充分利用這2個觀點,以此作為報答。
B. 我確實體認到,我的研究首先受到佛洛伊德提昇,然後是阿德勒。實際上,我會設法盡可能運用他們的觀點,來治療我們的病人,以表示我對於他們的感激。
Nevertheless I must insist that I have experienced failures which, I felt, might have been avoided had I considered the facts that subsequently forced me to modify their views.
A. 不管怎樣,得承認我因此遭遇過失敗,而這些失敗原本是可以避免的,事後我進行了反思,並對他們的觀點進行了修正。
B. 可是,我必須堅定地說:我曾經經歷過失敗案例。我覺得,這些失敗案例本來是可以避免的,假如我當時考慮到這些事實。因為這些事實,我隨後不得不修正佛洛伊德與阿德勒的觀點。

Which 指的是前面的「失敗」failures
Insist—to say firmly that something is true, especially when other people do not believe you 堅定地說某件事情是正確的,特別是別人不相信你的時候
had I considered the facts that subsequently forced me to modify their views
= If I had considered the facts that subsequently forced me to modify their views
假如我當時考慮到這些事實。因為這些事實,我隨後不得不修正佛洛伊德與阿德勒的觀點。( 當時的事實是,他並沒有考慮到這些事實,所以他沒有避免失敗。)

這個句子最容易犯錯的地方,在於它是過去事實相反的假設法,而且還是if 省略的倒裝句句型,又是擺放在句尾,而不是在句首,更是容易混淆。A 譯顯然渾然不覺地掉入這個陷阱。

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