Logic of Phantasy 56 Jacques Lacan

Logic of Phantasy 56
Jacques Lacan
雅克 拉康

Lacan Seminar 14:
The Logic of Fantasy 13

This is why there can be somewhere in certain human activities – which remain for us to be examined, according to whether they are a mirage or not – what is called creation, or poetry, for example.


The phallus is indeed then, if you wish, from one point of view, the penis. But it is in so far as it is its lack with respect to jouissance that constitutes the definition of the subjective satisfaction to which there is remitted the reproduction of life.


In fact, in copulation, the subject cannot really possess the body that he embraces. He does not know the limits of possible jouissance, I mean the one that he can have of the body of the Other, as such, because these limits are uncertain. And this is all that is constituted by this beyond that scoptophilia and sadism define. That phallic failure takes on the ever renewed value of a fainting of the being of the subject, is something that is essential to masculine experience, and what makes this jouissance be compared to what is called the return of the little death.


This fainting function – for its part, much more direct, directly experienced, in masculine jouissance – is what gives the male the privilege from which has emerged the illusion of pure subjectivity.


If there is an instant, a somewhere, when man can lose sight of the presence of the (13) third object, it is precisely in this, this fainting moment at which he loses, because it fails, what is not simply his instrument, but, for him as for the woman, the third element of the relation of the couple.


It is starting from there that there were constructed, even before the advent of what we are calling here the status of pure subjectivity, all the illusions of knowledge.


The imagination of the subject of knowledge, whether it is before or after the scientific era, is a male forgery. And male in so far as it has some of the characteristics of impotence, that it denies the minus something around which there is constructed the effect of causation of desire, which takes this minus for a zero. As we have already said, taking the minus for a zero, is proper to the subject and the proper name is here designed to mark its trace.


The rejection of castration marks the delusion of thinking, I mean, the entry of the thinking of the I, as such, into the real, which is properly what constitutes, in our first quadrangle, the status of the I am not thinking, in so far as syntax alone sustains it.


This is what is involved, as regards structure, in what allows there to be edified what Freud designates for us about sexual satisfaction in its relation to the status of the subject.


We will remain there for today, designating for the next time what we now have to advance on the function of acting-out.


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