榮格釋夢 10

榮格釋夢 10

The Psychology and Alchemy by C. G. Jung 心理學與煉金術

Translated by Springhero 雄伯



16. Dream:

  An ace of clubs lies before the dreamer. A seven appears beside it.





   The ace, as “ 1,” is the lowest card but the highest in value. The ace of clubs, being in the form of a cross, points to the Christian symbol. Hence in Swiss-German the club is often called cross. At the same time the three leaves contain an allusion to the threefold nature of the one God. Lowest and highest are beginning and end, alpha and omega.




   The seven appears after the ace of clubs and not before. Presumably the idea is: first the Christian conception of God, and then the seven ( stages). The seven stages symbolize the transformation which begins with the symbolism of Cross and Trinity, and, judging by the earlier archaic allusions in dreams 7 and 13, culminates in the solificatio. But this solution is not hinted at here. Now, we know that the regression to the Helios of antiquity vainly attempted by Julian the Apostate was succeeded in the Middle Ages by another movement that was expressed in the formula “ through the cross to the rose), which was later condensed into the “ Rosie Crosse” of the Rosicrucians. Here the essence of the heavenly Sol descends into the flower—earth’s answer to the sun’s countenance. The solar quality has survived in the symbol of the ‘ golden flower” of Chinese alchemy. The well-known “ blue flower” of the Romantics might well be the last nostalgic perfume of the “ rose”: it looks back in true Romantic fashion to the medievalism of ruined cloisters, yet at the same time modestly proclaims something new in earthly loveliness. But even the golden brilliance of the sun had to submit to a descent, and it found its analogy in the glitter of earthly gold—although, as aurum nostrum, this was far removed from the gross materiality of the metal, at least for subtler minds. One of the most interesting of the alchemical texts is the Rosarium philosophorum. The anonymous author was very definitely a “ philosopher” and was apparently aware that alchemy was not concerned with ordinary gold-making but with a philosophical secret. For these alchemists the gold undoubtedly had a symbolic nature and was therefore distinguished by such attributes as vitreum or philosophicum. It was probably owing to its all too obvious analogy with the sun that gold was denied the highest philosophical honor, which fell instead to the lapis philosophoruium. The transformer is above the transformed, and transformation is one of the magical properties of the marvllous stone. The Rosarium philosophorum says: “ For our stone, namely the living western quicksilver which has placed itself above the gold and vanquished it, is that which kills and quickens.” As to the “ philosophical” significance of the lapis, the following quotation from a treatise ascribed to Hermes is particularly enlightening: “ Understand, ye sons of the wise, what this exceeding precious stone proclaims…’ and my light conquers every light, and my virtues are more excellent than all virtues…I beget the light, but the darkness too is of my nature…




17. Dream:

   The dreamer goes for a long walk, and finds a blue flower on the way.





   To go for a walk is to wander along paths that lead nowhere in particular; it is both a search and a succession of changes. The dreamer finds a blue flower blossoming aimlessly by the wayside, a chance child of nature, evoking friendly memories of a more romantic and lyrical age of the youthful season when it came to bud, when the scientific view of the world had not yet broken away from the world of actual experience—or rather when this break was only just beginning and the eye looked back to what was already the past. The flower is in fact like a friendly sign, a numinous emanation from the unconscious, showing the dreamer, who as a modern man has been robbed of security and of participation in all the things that lead to man’s salvation, the historical place where he can meet friends and brothers of like mind, where he can find the seed that wants to sprout in him too. But the dreamer knows nothing as yet of the old solar gold which connects the innocent flower with the obnoxious black art of alchemy and with the blasphemous pagan idea of the solificatio. For the “ golden flower of alchemy” can sometimes be a blue flower: “ The sapphire blue flower of the hermanphrodite.”



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