Dream 07 榮格釋夢

榮格釋夢 07

The Psychology and Alchemy by C.G. Jung 心理學與煉金術

Translated by Springhero 雄伯譯



13. Dream:

  The father calls out anxiously, “ That is the seventh!”




  During the walk over many ladders some event has evidently taken place which is spoken of as “ the seventh”. In the language of initiation, “ seven” stands for the highest stage of illumination and would therefore be the coveted goal of all desire. But to the conventional mind the solificatio is an outlandish, mystical idea bordering on madness. We assume that it was only in the dark ages of misty superstition that people thought in such a nonsensical fashion, but that the lucid and hygienic mentality of our own enlightened days has long since outgrown such nebulous notions, so much so, indeed, that this particular kind of “ illumination” is to be found nowadays only in a lunatic asylum. No wonder the father is cared and anxious, like a hen that has hatched out ducklings and is driven to despair by the aquatic proclivities of its young. If this interpretation—that the “ seventh” represents the highest stage of illumination—is correct, it would mean in principle that the process of integrating the personal unconscious was actually at an end. Thereafter the collective unconscious would begin to open up, which would suffice to explain the anxiety the father felt as the representative of the traditional spirit.




  Neverthelss the return to the dim twilight of the unconscious does not mean that we should entirely abandon the precious acquisition of our forefathers, namely the intellectual differentiation of consciousness. It is rather the intellectual differentiation of consciousness. It is rather a question of the man taking the place of the intellect –not the man whom the dreamer imagines himself to be, but someone far more rounded and complete. This would mean assimilating all sorts of things into the sphere of his personality which the dreamer still reject as disagreeable or even impossible. The father who calls out so anxiously, “ This is the seventh!” is a psychic component of the dreamer himself, and the anxiety is therefore his own. So the interpretation must bear in mind the possibility that the “ seventh” means not only a sort of culmination but something rather ominous as well. We come across this theme, for instance, in the fairytale of Tom Thumb and the Ogre. Tom Thumb is the youngest of seven brothers. His dwarflike stature and his cunning are harmless enough, yet he is the one who leads his brothers to the ogre’s lair, thus proving his own dangerous double nature as a bringer of good and bad luck; in other words, he is also the ogre himself. Since olden times “ the seven” have represented the seven gods of the planets; they form what the Pyramid inscriptions call a paut neteru, a “ company of gods.” Although a company is described as “ nine,” it often proves to be not nine at all but ten, and sometimes even more. Thus Maspero tells us that the first and last numbers f the series can be added to , or doubled, without injury to the number nine. Something of the sort happened to the classical age, when the gods were degraded to demons and retired partly to the distant stars and partly to the metals inside the earth. It then transpired that Hermes or Mercurius possessed a double nature, being a chthonic god of revelation and also the spirit of quicksilver, for which reason he was represented as a hermaphrodite. As the planet Mercury, he is nearest to the sun, hence he is pre-eminently related to gold. But, as quicksilver, he dissolves the gold and extinguishes its sunlike brilliance. All through the Middle Ages he was the object of much puzzled speculation on the part of the naural philosophers; sometimes he was a ministering and helpful spirit, and sometimes the fugitive slave or stage, as elusive, deceptive, teasing gobbling who drove the alchemists to despair and had many of his attributes in common with devil. For instance he is dragon, lion, eagle, raven, to mention only the most important of them. In the alchemical hierarchy of gods Mercurius comes lowest as prima material and highest as lapis philosophorum. The spiritus mercurialis is the alchemists’ guide, and their tempter; he is their good luck and their ruin. His dual nature enables him to be not only the seventh but also the eighth—the eighteen on Olympus “ whom nobody thought of” .




  It may seem odd to the reader that anything as remote as medieval alchemy should have relevance here. But the “ black art” is not nearly so remote as we think; for as an educated man the dreamer must have read Faust, and Faust is an alchemical drama from beginning to end, although the educated man of today has only the haziest notion of this. Our conscious mind is far from understanding everything, but the unconscious always keep an eye on the “ age-old, sacred things,” however strange they may be, and reminds us of them at a suitable opportunity. No doubt Faust affected our dreamer much as Goethe was affected when, as a young man in his Leipzig days, he stuidied Theophrastus Paracelsus with Fraulein von Klettenberg. It was then, as we certainly may assume, that the mysterious equivalence of seven and eight sank deep into his soul, without his conscious mind ever unraveling the mystery. The following dream will show that this reminder of Faust is not out of place.



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