postmodern journeys 05

Walk On 05

By Joseph Natoli

Translated by Springhero

       If critical, discerning reason came out of the lifeworld and the lifeworld was in motion with a changeable everydayness, was a result of our throwness here and now and not there and then, then I could make a case which countered the Western Tradition of Rationality and Realism mindset which produced the questions. I could question the presence of a reason operating outside or independent of the life world.


       I could not, however, at the same time summon that sort of reason in order to negate the validity of the questions themselves. In fact, these questions that I call “ modernist” are a greater part of that everydayness we are in and out of which we construe scenarios of being-in-the-world than are my postmodernist answer.


       I, as a postmodernist, am in a dilemma that the modernist is not in. I face a paradox that the modernist has no trouble resolving. My seeing where the reasoning behind the questioning comes from does not enable me to discount that reasoning; it is in fact a reasoning I too am thrown into, although I resist the way a supposedly a detached reason ‘ self-reasons’ itself out of any such throwness.


      I want to trace the semiotics of this reasoning, trace it to its social and cultural lifeworlds, to the horizon of a certain time and place, but I can’t sever it from this web of interconnections. What I can do is deny its foundationalism, its Kantian transcendent credentials, but not its operating force within an everydayness we experience in ways this transcendent reason has produced for us.

       我要追蹤這種理性的語意學,追蹤它社會和文化的生存世界,以及在某個時間和空間的地平線,但是我無法將它自互動的網絡中分割出來。我充其量只能否定它有不可動搖的基礎,或「康德哲學」的超驗不可質疑,但是我無法否定它的運作力量,因為我們日常所經驗的,也是這種超越理性所賦予的。        In other words, when I reason, I reason this way too; I am, like you, if you are reading during my lifetime ,thrown into a world in which we have sculpted reason in this way. But as this world is already shifting into another way “ making” itself—a postmodern way—I am also trying to “ reason” in a postmodern way.        換言之,當我推理時,我是以理性方式推理。我像芸芸眾生一樣,被拋棄到這以理性方式運轉的世界。只是這世界尚以現代主義的方式自行運轉,我也以後現代主義的方式來推理而已。 

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