Postmodern Journeys 01

Walk On 01

By Joseph Natoli

Translated by Springhero

      “ And sedentary species, “ she said, “ like sedentary genes, are terribly successful for a while, but in the end they are self-destructive.”

                                  —Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines


      I was forced to travel, to ward off the apparitions assembled in my brains.                                  —Arthur Rimbaud,


     The journey thus pre-empts the need for hierarchies and shows of dominance. The “ dictators’ of the animal kingdom are those who live in an ambience of plenty. The anarchists, as always are the ‘ gentlemen of the road.”                                   —Proust


       You know, in a lot of ways—none of them having to do with y bank account—I am ripe for the postmodern journey. I mean I’ somehow situated emotionally to take one. The composition of my consciousness is such that the idea of a journey to places I’ve never been to before resonates beautifully, like a soprano voice from long ago singing “ Ave Maria” in the church of my childhood, Regina Pacis.


       Even my unconscious mind has me traveling cheerfully through a Borgesian garden of forking paths. No, my unconscious does not project fears of flying, of traveling, of instability, of nomadic wandering.


       It is only when I don’t travel that still waters breed a mental pestilence. When an “ order of things” becomes more than the barest, faintest circumference of imagination but presumes to stand for the world “ just as it is” and myself “ just as I am,” then I have dark dreams.


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