The Anti-Oedipus Papers 05

Anti-Oedipus 05

By Felix Guanttari 瓜達里

Translated by Springhero 雄伯


Notes from 11/23/1970

   I’m trying to read The Archeology of Knowledge by Faoucault; but it’s so hard for me to get through this kind of thing. It seems to me that your friend is getting lost in linguistics and other structures.



Distinguish between:


  the subject of the linguistic statement produced by representation—we can call it the subject of repetition ( cf. Lacan: the signifier represents a subject for another signifier…; but we’re dealing with a signifier linguisticized by Oedipus, the name of the father, etc.)



   the subject of a signifying enunciation, a transduction of the third articulation: either an anti-production of the double articulation—an anti-subject –; or a collective agent of enunciation, an agent of difference.



    Actually, if there is any syncretism between the subject of the linguistic statement and the subject of enunciation, it’s that the subject of enunciation has been pulled down over the statement.


    This pulling down is the operation of the : “ so therefore” … “ and so what you’re articulating with your feet, your ass and the rest is…therefore you, who is doing that, against…your father, because of…your mother…”



    The statement is coherent because of the structuralism of language, the law, legal relations of parentage, capitalist production relations, etc. ( Imperialism of the statement, the formation of sovereignty –the double-articulation machine.) The statement is the law. It produces an abstract subject that masters situations, alienates desiring machines and projects imaginary, molar subjects of enunciation through them.



   So we get the famous syncretism between two subjects or the famous splitting of the ego, the Sarrian pairs ( reflected-reflecting), etc. The oedipal-narcissistic machine is set up to absorb everything that tries to surpass bi-univoclity; either on the side of deathly narcissistic unary abolition; or on the side of social-quaternity.



    Without the oedipal triangle, everything slips up and fucks off into connectivity and desiring filiation. The oedipal alliance is capitalism’s molar unit. It’s how a schized individual is promoted proportionately to production: nothing extra juts out—there is just enough polyvocality to ensure reproduction: minimum sperm flow, just at the right time, and nothing more…



   The schizo is the proletarian of transduction. He works in the third articulation.



   This intolerable third articulation that , again, is not third but beyond the second, it is the 2+nth articulation. Its transcursivity can be suppressed only…

   —oedipally in neurosis,

   —psychiatically in psychosis,

   —by the police in the case of perversion.






The subject of a transcursive enunciation is the damned double of the subject of the law. It is its doublet. It exists in counter dependency to the law. It’s the cops-and-robbers pair, the patient-psychiatrist pair, etc. A two-person pervert ( “ the copper”).



The third articulation cannot be on the order of individual subjectivity but social enunciation. The individual is an intolerable excrescence that has to be pulled down over the schize of ( dualistic) subject. It’s something “ extra,” something that doesn’t work, in capitalism, except if it’s castrated. Then, with individuals, the “ remainder,” an institutional order can be deployed. The institutional order of capitalism is deduced from Oedipus.



On the other hand, the artificial, revolutionary emergence of a collective agent of enunciation can end in the subversion of the capitalist order and promote a third, institutional, articulation as the surface of desire of transcursivity.




The Anti-Oedipus Papers by Felix Guattari 瓜達里

Translated by Springhero 雄伯


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