The Anti-Oedipus Papers 04

Anti-Oedipus 04

By Felix Guanttari 瓜達里

Translated by Springhero 雄伯

I would like to repeat one thing: it’s that originally in “ From One Sign to the Other” I was criticizing Lacan: I believe that the single trait was not appropriate for a general semiology, but that the sign-point should be.


  But the single trait is the differentiating phallus that founds the notion of identity in the mirror—hollow identity , identity of lack, etc.


  Whereas the sign-point is the cancerous contamination for set theory.


  The subject is not a signifying operator; nor even a signifying operator! It’s nothing. It’s anti-productive syncretistic abbreviation. Like Oedipus, it works against desiring production.


  The Freudian unconscious has no subject. Returning to Freud requires not putting any in there, at whatever cost!


  The craziest machines, Freud’s machines—neurobiological whatever they were—were already kind of like that.


  You work in unconsciousness like you work in electronics or metallurgy. You have to establish production units.


  It’s not about impotence, but the revolutionary composition of production vectors. A strategy of enunciation that replicates production and institution, etc., discourse.


  In Lacan, there are some ambivalent statements like: “ The bipolarity that Moral Law adopts is simply the re-splitting of the subject using every intervention on the part of the signifier: specifically, the subject of enunciation or the subject of the statement” “ or the fact that the statement of authority “ has no other guarantee than its very enunciation”), and total conformism to institutions.



The Anti-Oedipus Papers by Felix Guattari 瓜達里

Translated by Springhero 雄伯



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