Cool Memories 10

Cool Memories 10

Jean Baudrillard 布希亞

Translated by Springhero 雄伯

   All life has two trajectories: the one linear and irreversible, the trajectory of ageing and dying, the other elliptical and reversible, a cycle of the same forms in a sequence which knows neither childhood, death nor the unconscious, and which leaves nothing behind. This sequence is constantly intersecting with the other, and occasionally erases all traces of it at stroke.


   Mindless, uncivilized, uncouth, irresponsible, peasant-like, self—centered, unaware, asocial—without reference, without acknowledgement, without allegiance to any form of culture, stranger to any affect, allergic to any kinship. This is the ‘ bestial material on which a theory of simulation is built! And on what ignorance of the play of signs and of love a theory of seduction built! Fortunately, all this is the product of a double life which may have the pathological beauty of writing.


   The sovereignty of the object, which has its basis in its lack of desire, coincides with the disappearance of affect in my existence. Eccentricity without affect, far from what we hash up out of a sense of mercy. Radicalism in its sabbatical form.


    A new chimera, born of a combination of a naenia and fiddler crab, seen from an electric chair and working its way through dubious tear-off calendars.



   Only the eyes, the lips and the spoken word cannot be prostituted since these are the organs of divination. It used to be possible to divine the body too, but nowadays it offers divination too simple a solution. It also used to be a diviner, but now it is no more than a carnal form of supply and demand.


    All we may expect of time is its reversibility. Speed and acceleration are merely the dream of making time reversible. You hope that by speeding up time, it will start to whirl like a fluid. It is a fact that, as linear time and history have retreated, we have been left with the ephemerality of networks and fashion, which is unbearable. All that remain are the rudiments of a supratemporal peripeteia—a few short sequences, a few whirling moments, like the ones physicists observe in certain particles.


   Only one way of looking at things produces a supreme sense of understanding and that is a completely controlled form of delirium or simulation.


    Rubik cube: all our thoughts in the wrong order, like the squares on the cube, without ever managing to get all those of the same color on one side. A devilish, futile game, a fine symbol of the patchwork of magnetic thoughts and the cross-overs between them which make up our world, a world in which we face only insoluble puzzles or useless problems of synchrony.


    The imagination is scarcely any better equipped to appreciate reversibility than the person who has never slept would be to appreciate reversibility than the person who has never slept would be to appreciate dreaming. And yet we experience it in that electrocution of time we call predestination. The signs exchanged in the process are instant conductors unaffected by the resistance of time. Certain linguistic fragments run back along the path of language and collide with others in the witticism, dazzling reversibility of the terms of language. In this they fulfill an unexpected destiny, their specific destiny a words, conforming to the predestination of language.



Cool Memories by Jean Baudrillard 布希亞

Translated by Springhero 雄伯


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