Soul Complement

Soul supplement 圓全

Anthropological Structures of the Imaginary by Gilbert Durand  P413


In this fantastic function resides that “ soul supplement” that our contemporary anxiety seeks anarchically on the ruins of various determinism.



This fantastic function adds the assimilatory interest of utility to dead objectivity, and adds to utility the satisfaction of what is pleasing. To the pleasing it adds the luxury of aesthetic emotion.



In an ultimate assimilation, thought becomes total euphemism: serenity, or philosophical or religious revolt. Above all, the imagination is the axiological counterpoint of action.



What has always made us think that the imagination is the faculty of the possible, the future’s power of contingency, is the imagination’s capacity to give ontological reality to the semiological void of phenomena, to give life to representation and to demand fulfillment.



It has often been said in different ways, that people live and give their lives, not for objective certainties, not for things, houses, wealth, but for opinions, for the imaginary, secret bond which links and bonds the world and things deep in the consciousness, thus giving a meaning to death.



Not only do people live and die for ideas, but the deaths of people are absolved by images. So the imaginary, far from being a vain passion, is euphemistic action and transforms the world according to the Man of Desire:



   “ Poetry is a pilot

    Orpheus accompanies Jason.”




We thought it was not an idle enterprise for a philosopher to obey the ancient oracle and once more to turn his fraternal attention to the fantastic and “ occupy himself with the work of the Muses. ”What would the Argonauts be without Orpheus’s lyre? Who would keep the rhythm for the rowers? Would there even a Gold Fleece?

我們認為哲學家服膺古代預言,再一次對於幻奇世界,予於同胞之愛的關切,致力研究詩想像的作品,並非是徒勞之舉。「若無詩人奧菲斯的豎琴,英雄阿甘諾的冒險之航何在?誰能以琴音韻律鼓舞划槳舟子前進?金羊毛的探險還可能存在嗎?」 p412Anthrological Structures of the Imagainary by Gilbert Durand Translated by Springhero



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